Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hip hop hangover?

Originally written January 26, 2009

Feeling moody god knows why. Out of 3700 songs I’m getting pure sad songs. As I left my house to catch the bus today, my kids were crying and watching me walk away and of course the sad songs came on the IPOD.

You know what…? I seriously despise PMS.

But, I love hip hop it can switch my mood so fast.

I had been listening to rock and soft rock and that left me flat.

Country made me miss my children more.

Akon’s lonely did tweak me a bit, but then “Holla at my dogs” made me stabilize a little.

And then I had the funniest thought, when some tourists got on the bus, I thought “Fuck those elegant tourist bitches!” and then I thought “Where did that come from?”

I guess hearing all that “bitches and hoes” etc. actually does have an effect on me. Who would have thought?