Monday, February 9, 2009

Hi Anonymous, thanks for the comment. I might talk to the person first and give a warning, but hey, who am I right?

On my blabbermouth post, I got this comment which I just read today, because I haven't been to the internet for a week. I was waiting till I got my check before I vented about work. I Got my check today.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blabbing my whole life to strangers":

I can't believe you talk about your private stuff while you're working... either
you have too much time or have no clue about client service... I bet you
those small pauses people make while listening to you are more about how the
hell to get you back on the original point, or whatever they were planning
on buying/asking/telling you...You're cute and nice but seen from a bizz
perspective, I'd fire you... nothing personal.

I guess I didn't really want to work there anyway. They didn't even really give you a reason to want to work there. They treat you like shit. So I kinda agree with you, I might have a talk with someone who was talking about too much personal stuff on the phone to customers. But at the same time, the customers liked me. I liked them. I decided if I was going to work there, and take their bitchy ass shit. Cause yeah, the managment there were bitchy. That I would make the best of things and so I did.

I was talking to my husband about this. It is almost the chicken and egg thing:

Slackers vs. the management undermining you and un empowering you

Which starts first? I can pretty confidently say I think that the management starts it first, but even if they don't, management always has an opportunity to turn the tide. Truth is you can empower anyone without shutting them down. You just have to know your stuff.
First off they want you to walk the dog. I'm like, "Shit the things I am lowering myself to do for a freaking job." I mean that sounds really snobby, but I was hired to do customer service, then I was being yelled at because I didn't want the dog to jump on me and scratch my arm when I picked uptheir poop. I was told I would be fired if I didn't walk the dog.

Also the way the work is set up is as if there is no way that you can take job-ownership of your work, the work is like working at McDonalds in a sense, you pass it on and pass it on and pass it on. I haven't worked at a job with that lack of job-ownership available since I was a teen at Burger king.

So then I kept being told to figure out questions by myself, but when I would figure it out for myself, I would get yelled at. I was getting yelled at for doing things right! Just any ole reason I was getting yelled at. I have worked in business for 17 years with progressive resposibility and sure I know you don't want your customer service agents getting all chatty, but that was what I had to do to deal with my life at the time. So yeah I quit last Monday.

But a few good things... k? When I started working there everyone was yelling fuck this, and fuck them and how stupid the customers were. It was a really negative atmosphere. So what I did was make it fun for me. People often called and wanted to know where we were, and then they wanted to know why I lived in Mexico. Sure I got a little bit too chatty, but that got me through the day as if I hadn't even worked at all.

The main thing is, I know I brought in alot of money for them. I upsold the product and made customers out of people who just called for information. Also, the atmosphere (other than the management being prone to bitch fests) was lighter. I joked with the girls, and actually I really miss them right now. It was really fun to work with them, especially Z, and jess and her mom. And Somehow they even started thinking about a strategy about customer service, AND I even heard some ideas of how to be more positive. Well, I never came right out and said how negative I thought it was, but by example, I think I did lighten them up a bit. For awhile anyway.

Now there is a lovely lady there who is really positive and nice, and her daughter works there too and I am hoping their positivity can keep everyone cheerful. Cause you know, pollyanna me really just wants everyone to be happy.

So back to your comment, if you fired me, I would believe that it was meant to be. So also if I worked somewhere that fired people for developing customer relationships, I wouldn't want to work there anyway.

Other comments, please know that I read everyones comments, if you want to interact with me you must email me at and eventually I WILL answer you. I just don't have internet at home right now.

Best wishes.

I was reaching out, because I am dying inside to get back to my home.

PSS, I was making in one day, what I used to make in 1 hour in the US.