Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whales in Puerto Vallarta

Well let me just start by saying we had margaritas the other night for my birthday with some girls from work and we saw whales from the beach.

Then I will say that my FREAKIN COMPUTER IS STILL DOWN AND I AM BORROWING MY WORK COMPUTER AFTER MY SHIFT RIGHT NOW AND ohh whoops I didn't really mean to yell all that, just caps lock was stuck on ... anyway more quietly my husband is waiting at home for me with spagetti. Yeah! and I have to make this short. I have all sorts of handwritten blogs all over the place but no time or computer to enter them in.

I guess all the worries about my work and me giving some type of insight into my work to the competitors may have been my paranoia after all but I am not going to write names or anything that could be mis construed.. I hope.

I do have a blabber mouth about how I feel and what is going on with me so it might be a challenge.

Just if some competitor is reading this I must say the following:

All the girls at my company work their asses off. And if the office is not perfect (which the new one is) but the current office is not perfect it's called LOW OVERHEAD, carried on to the customers.. that is the discount that we offer out of our own pocket. OK.

OK done with that.

I should have yelled that.


with me. I have to fill everyone in , in one place because I have to rush home.

and this is going to have typo's and mis spellings but I hope my readers don't mind, right now.



Children are good and I miss them so much. I am getting used to working 6 days a week now. But I still wish it was me who was at home with the kids. They already gave me a small raise and are treating me very well.

My birthday was last week,I am officially 38. And I was feeling sort of down and confused and who knows lonely. And I came into work and then my boss gave me my check, which I was expecting to be about 1000 pesos less and said they are taking my advance out little by little, then another person said to sit down as soon as I came in, that I messed up on something.

Then they all walked in with a cheesecake and sand happy birthday I think. I say I think because by this time I was crying so loud that I don't remember. I only remember that each lovely person gave me a hug and they were all saying aww.

We have been so broke that for my birthday I couldn't even buy a hair cut for around $4.

But things were ok.

Ton's of people have come to see the house. Yesterday one couple said that they totally want to buy it and even referred to it as theirs, while asking the realtor questions.

I know becuase I was sitting in the truck, I mean laying in the truck waiting.


Enrique got his immigration appt finally, but now we don't have the money to go. It is for February 3rd. We are going to find out if he is banned or not and if he is banned if we can do a waiver.

But the only problem is that by February 3rd I don't think Obama will have been able to get immigration laws changed so what I am going to have to do is post pone our appt. Until we #1 have money to go to it, #2 hopefully the laws are changed. We almost just want to go so we can know what wer are facing but I can't leave work and we don't even have the funds at the moment if I wanted to.

I am dying to go back to my city Portland, becuase I love it. But things are working out here too,I am making new friends... we had fun on Friday night. Just need mo money for mo margaritas.


gotta go, Spagetti is waiting.
puerto vallarta girl.

sorry about the quality of this post no time to edit.