Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts of love - experiment

Originally written January 18, 2009

To find myself, my love, my heart, my spirit…I am blessed to have focused on the page of the book in “The Secret”. That page reminded me that the Law of Attraction, the law of love, karma, spirituality, what ever you might refer to it as, is about love.

It is about bringing good things into your life by being happy and kind and truly feeling love and understanding towards other people.

So this story I am getting at started way back when, I started a practice in my thinking, to change my thoughts. What happened was that I was working on being a positive person and I had my challenges, I mean if we are all honest with ourselves and really pay attention to what we are thinking we will know that it is a constant struggle at times to focus on being positive and leave behind negativity. It was around 1998 or so, I had noticed something that I was not proud of, nor comfortable with:

When I saw someone that was not average, such has severely heavy, disfigured, insane looking, really dirty, handicapped, or disfigured, I would want to look away.

At the time I had gotten an idea in my head to accept all people and project positive thoughts into the universe. So what I started doing was, when I would see someone different, or if I would have the urge to look away I would look straight at them, in their eyes if possible, and I would say to myself and in my head to them “You are beautiful!”

They say that it takes 28 days to make a habit. So after awhile something amazing happened. Every time I would look at someone that was different I would feel feelings of love and compassion and think, “You are beautiful.” However, when I would look at someone average, I wouldn’t think anything.

I noticed I was giving preferential positive thoughts to people who were different.

That wasn’t really my goal. So I began to make a point to think “You are beautiful”, to every single person I focused on. And after awhile, the entire universe became magnificently beautiful. Everywhere I went everyone was a beautiful person, and even if I felt uncomfortable for some strange reason I felt that my thought that I project were positive and everything became ok.

I felt myself being kind everywhere I went. After a bit, my karma was growing so much that people treated me kind everywhere I went.

Right now, right in this time in my life and am trying this again, to get back to that place. To get back to being kind and uplifting and joyous. I’ll report back soon.

Outtie, hasta, sayonara,