Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A REAL whale watching story... up close and personal

I get a perk at my work, I get to do certain local tours for free, to learn about what they are about.
I cannot get the stupid embed object to copy at this internet cafe so this is the link to the video:

So I actually did a whale watching tour. This was awesome! It was going out on a light weight boat that goes faster and closer to the whales. Once we traveled about 20 minutes out to the edge of the bay where the Continental shelf is, we saw many amazing sights. We saw manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphins, we also saw around 15 different whales, and if this videos uploads you will be able to tell how close we were. At one point I even saw a face. We saw many tails. Tons and tons of backs and the even heard their songs.

The whales are truly fascinating and really do sing like Dori in Finding Nemo. Booop high pitch, Blahh, low octive. Then they go boop boop boop short sounds high pictch. The biologist that go out on this tour are very knowledgeable and put the microphone in the water so we could hear the song on a speaker. At first we were skeptical thinking it was some type of recording but when they turned off the microphone and you put your ears to the rubber raft you could hear the song of the whale.

At one point I had chills and was overcome with emotion because it was so amazing. We were 1 of about 4-5 boats in one particular area watching the whales. And right down the middle of all the boats the whales did a parade and came up to the surface all at the same time and went right in the middle of us. In this video it shows how close they came at one point, and e is even saying don’t bump the boat. Play it again if you can’t hear it the first time.

Wow, that was truly awesome in the real definition of the word.