Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'd like to order some perspective please?

Originally written on January 21, 2009 1:10 pm.

We stop at the light. I look out the window to the right where Walmart and Sams are. At the edge of the parking lot and corner of the large intersection there is a plump lady under a red patio umbrella. Reading a book, oblivious to the traffic and people walking by. Until of course someone is there to buy one of the many magazines or newspapers for sale. It is her newsstand, plastic milk crates are shelves and some newspapers are stacked on the concrete or pinned to the fence with clothes pins.

Up ahead I see 2 cruise ships in port. We turn left to pass Oxxo (like 7-11) and Soriana (like Safeway) and then some hotels. In the distance there are several high rise hotels and condos going up.

We pass newer outdoor malls with Chili’s, Subway , and Starbucks, then the river. Then more hotels like The Grand Venitian.

The bus is old, bumpy, squeaky, filled with mostly Mexican people of all types. There are students, and people on their way to work or appointments. Few talk.

No open mic today.

9958 it says in a few places inside the bus. The bus route is also painted on the front of the bus, such as many do with white shoe polish, when they sell their car in the US.
It says: Portales, Aurora, and Olas Altas - among other places

We see a small creek, KFC, many hotels of course, the Mexican government hospital IMSS, Strip clubs, dance clubs, Burger King, Office Depot, Blockbuster, Goodyear Tires, Oxxo. We pass the big central park, which I do not know it’s name. There is a track and baseball field, even a skateboard park. It goes on and on like this. Banks, stores, pharmacies, and finally the ocean with out an obstructed view.

Taxis are everywhere, all types of people on the streets.

3 days a week I work until 10pm . After 10pm my bus only comes one more time and when it does it is filled with drunk tourists. Obnoxious and laughing. Those thin clown balloons tied into hats and on their heads. They have name tags on their shirts and all incluisive bracelets on their wrists.

For the first year and one half here in Puerto Vallarta I felt like THEY do. Now the honey- moon is over.

I envision fresh crisp air, clean -rainy streets, and a sense of a sigh of relief to be home

However, I must say that I definitely recommend the experience of moving to Mexico.


Because often we are like Robots lodged into a corner, doing the daily grind, struggling with the same problems day after day, week after week, and year after year.

I SAY “Show me a different world! Give Me some perspective!” As an American I believe we (as a group) are truly arrogant and a little ignorant of what the rest of the world is like.

Perspective can wake you up and simply show you that the USA is actually a small country in comparison to the rest of the world.

Perspective can make you find new ideas, new ways that could be better than what you have ever imagined. Perspective can also help you to be humble and appreciate things that you had previously taken for granted. Small simple pleasures we are accustomed to. That other countries aren’t even aware of.

It can school you of what true freedom is, and make you realize that in the US we give up certain freedoms for the good of all, for the sense of safety and health we are accustomed to. Perspective can make you wake up and realize that mass media can program society.

But for now, I pass another bridge, the Rio Cuale, a large hole in the ground where a new hotel is being built. And finally my stop by the Mismaloya exit with only me and one guy with crutches.

End of the line.

Time to go to work.

Arrivaderci - someone please tell me how to spell that!