Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blabbing my whole life to strangers

Written January 23rd, 2009

Wow what a big jump from writing a blog spilling my entire life out onto the internet pages of blogspot to being on the phone and telling any complete stranger from anywhere near where I am from about my life. I guess it isn't really that big of a jump.

In my job I am on the phone all day to Canadians and Americans. I am cheerful and helpful . I really enjoy talking to strangers on the phone doing inside sales. If I see they are from somewhere near my town... Portland, Oregon, I quickly say "Oh Washington? I'm from Portland!" Half the time they will act as if I've said nothing, the other half of time they bite.

"Oh Really?" they say.

"Yeah, Portland"

"Wow, what are you doing down there?" They shoot back.

I always say "My husband is Mexican."

"Oooh", they say.

I continue in the pause," And we moved down here to be closer to my in laws so that my children could have a chance to know their grand parents."

"That's nice." They say.

I continue, "And... it's turned out to be priceless in it's value becaue their grandpa passed away last September."

Then I hear something in their voice, or I sense something in their emotions. ..... a sort of that's sad and sweet and sort of congratulations that we were gifted with such an elusive priceless gift.

Who knows why I have to do tha? I have a problem with spilling my emotions on people.

Or maybe it is just to connect to people.

Don't we all just want to be understood. But I must say that though my honesty is almost a fault, being honest and heart-on-sleeve and raw, and intense, as I am, truly makes me feel alive. I am grateful to have the oppportunity to connect with people everywhere, and especially to all the wonderfull people here that comment on my blog.

And you must know, please know, that I read all the comments and I LOVE YOUR comments.

It is just that I've been working 6 days a week, I now write on the bus, and type it up on my computer at home and then I bring it into the internet cafe to post. It is sort of cumbersom for me to reply to the comments.... so if you would like a reply I always check my email *once every few days, and if you would like to talk to me, just email me at the same email shown at the top of the screen