Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Airplane

Originally written January 20th, 2009

Today is the last day of the pay period. I’m on the bus right now…. of course. My little slice of writing pie and visualization.

I’ve been working on doing visualization with e. This is one that we did yesterday… (it made us both teary eyed and overcome with emotion)

We are on a plane looking out the window, there is a pure blue sky around us. Enrique looks away from the window to see Jimi and Me, and across the aisle are June and his Mom, Maria. He looks out the window again to see some fluffy white clouds and then we are below the clouds and we see Portland. We see the Columbia River and we land.

We are getting our luggage down and Maria has June by he hand. Enrique has Jimi by the hand and a few bags over his shoulders. We slide through immigration easily because Enrique has his papers and Maria has a 10 year visitors pass.

We are so excited that we start running down the green carpet of the airport. I am wearing my red dress and red shoes and Enrique is wearing his shiny new shorts, wife beater and new Nike shoes. Enrique is pushing a luggage cart with Jimi on top and I am pushing a luggage cart with June on Top, Maria is walking along side of us, holding June’s hand.

We get out to the front of the airport and Everyone is there, my son Teal, Patricia and Luis and kids, Hugo and Vicki and ChubChub, Miguel and family, Lorena and Family, George and Family. We are all happy and hugging and crying tears of joy. We are home together with our loved all in once place.

Everyone is legally in the US.

We go back to Patricia’s house and our luggage is everywhere. The house is even more packed with people to come and see Maria and us. People are cooking and the children all gather around Maria to talk to her and hug her.

We are all together in the US legally.

The end.

Oh god make it so.

Thank you god.

Puerto Vallarta girl.