Monday, December 15, 2008

So I have a job again

Let's see if it lasts longer than a week. It pays way less than the bird pooped on my head job.. and it is currently in a little dungeon-ish room. Supposedly there is a new office opening up very soon, close to the beach.

Here is the job. Customer service type thing, taking requests for tours via phone and email. and setting them up. and confirming etc.

No chargebacks.

Thats the big no no. Don't mess up. Don't be gone. Always be on time. Always be there when your scheduled. But have fun and be happy! Ohh don't get upset if you messed up and it needs to be fixed.

Oh and don't have kids.. they are letting me slide on this one obviously, I have 3 and they know about it. But E is now a stay at home dad. "You expect to support you whole family on that salary?"

"Well we own our house outright" I said, leaving out the fortune we owe in the US. "And the livng expenses aren't that much."

Yeah I get to hang around english speaking people. Wow.

Oh and they will help get me legal again.

What else. I get free lunch everyday, and supposedly insurance and benefits.

And is this a good sign?............. In the middle of the dungeon filled with artwork as much as a gallery, there is a large collection of alcholol set up like a bar?

I start tomorrow, I'll let you know how it goes.

The salary. I know you wanted to know, don't even fake it..

$250 pesos per day, so if the exchange rate was 10pesos to the dollar again about 150 dollars a week. They work 6 days a week here. And.. it is only 8 hours a day, unlike other jobs that are 10 hours a day, and 6 hours on Saturday.

More info to come.