Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Observations of the Mexican Public School System

Here is a picture of June last year -Note: I've been home schooling her this year. but Now that I am working we are thinking about putting her back into school. (it costs money - like 50 dollars a year, plus uniform and a bunch of misc. expenses)

This information is how I THINK it goes. I am in NO way an expert and if anyone knows differently please correct me.

  • In Mexico there are 12 or 15 years of General education.
    It starts with Kinder which is for age 3-6
  • Primaria (grade school) age 6 -12
  • Next Secondaria (middle school) age 12 -15.
  • Then you go to Preparatoria (high school-college prep) age 15-17or 18

So education starts at age 3 and ends at age 18. But depending on where you live and your economic status determins how far you go. In "El Rancho, many of the young men, don't get very far because they a) need to work to support their family or b) go to the US to support their family.

Most people continue on to college directly after this. There are many vocational schools around and traditional colleges.

Other interesting things are nutrician. Well I guess I can only speak frankly of the nutrician standards at my daughters kinder which is a public school.

There are pretty tight restrictions on what you can and can't send for your child to eat for lunch. You have the option to buy lunch but I find it sort of high for a preschooler's lunch which happens during her school day between 9am and 12 pm, it costs 15 pesos which is more or less $1.50.

If you don't buy a lunch you must send your child to school with a packed lunch. You must send a bottle of water, or juice. But you cannot send soda, or boxed juices. It must be a home made juice. We've been sending tang. However I think this is probably pushing the restrictions.

As far as the food, they recommend a fresh fruit and/or vegetable as well as a hard boiled egg or piece of meat. But you can send a sandwhich, however, you cannot send a white bread sandwich more than 1 - 2 times a week, and especially not peanut butter and Jelly. If you do send peanut butter and jelly it is only permitted once per week. Additionally, you are not allowed to send any crackers, cookies, bread treats, or chips.

What is strange about this is that the school fundraisers are everyday standing outside the classrooms before you leave, selling: Candy, chips, greasy stuff, and fruit.

Last of all the use of school uniforms is a national requirement. All public schools from kinder to college have a uniform and usually it is a white polo type shirt, navy skirt or shorts or slacks and black shoes. The high school and college students wear mini skirts with knee socks which is kinda cute but I know that was mandated by some old pervert.