Sunday, December 14, 2008

I've got bloggers syndrome... ewwww self indulgent?

I’ve caught bloggers syndrome.

I guess I am "Silent - Challenged" or "Shut-up incapable" What would they call this in the politically correct world?

I read on one of the blogs I follow the title of a blog something like” The most self indulgent post ever.” And I thought (one eyebrow up) self indulgent..? hmmm. Gosh I better think about that. Is blogging self indulgent.?

Well, Yeah ! Blogging is like talking... and talking.. and people are listening, and it makes you feel important because they start paying attention... Jeez this is great for someone that never shuts up like me.

Yeah, I’m one of those. I had to learn how to LET other people talk. I never realized the effect that I used to have when I would walk up to a group of people and then just........ talk right over the top of them... with whatever was on my mind... not waiting my turn. I'm sure they talked behind my back, but I've never cared about that, so I guess that is a moo point (**reference to friends the sitcom)

Yes, I am one of those people that when I’m in a conversation, I actually LIKE it that both of us are talking at the same time. I read about this somewhere. I remember because i found out that it is simply my communication style. Some people want you to wait until one person is done and then speak. Can you imagine?

Well, I have learned pretty well, which people I can speak freely with and which ones I have to put on my polite stance for.

So is blogging being Self Indulgent?

Hell Yea!

I can talk and talk and talk, and who ever is reading it can choose if they want to read, and I didn’t even have to shut up at an appropriate time! Whoooo hoooooo! One down only 547 other idiosyncrasies to solve.

Wow, I love this. The only problem is I’ve truly caught .....air sucking in......Blogger Syndrome… I don’t know the medical term for it but I am sure very shortly there will be one in the Journal of Medicine or Journal of Mental Health Issues.

B.S. also referred to as Blogger Syndrome: Is one of the most prevalent syndromes of this decade, symptoms include talking to yourself, thinking everything you say is important or news worthy, and putting clever twists on just about everything. Throughout the day a person with Blogger Syndrome may not be able to differentiate when they are actually at a keyboard writing a blog, or when they are verbally thinking about a blog while they are washing their hair or doing dishes. People with these symptoms should contact their doctor immediately, before it spreads to more people or monkeys. You will be able to tell if a patient is contagious or not by observing how many times they suggest that their friends do their own blog. Beware this is fast becoming an epidemic.


I guess its not all that serious, jeez they should calm down with the classifying stuff huh?

It’s a good outlet for people like me that …. well........ pitiful, whiney, complainer I am… sniffle don’t have anyone to talk-to in person.

At the moment I’ve got 5 different unfinished posts either in my head or actually on blogger in draft:
  • Gross stuff in Mexico – which I don’t know if I’ll finish that. But there is really some gross stuff here.
  • A walk through my neighborhood with photos
  • How E(my husband) is with my mom. (I don’t want to give this one away)

  • Xmas at the mall- makes me feel at home

    • And this blog about blogs - which I had to write because I was wondering if any other bloggers out there go around all day long blogging (in their head) to a pretend audience?