Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm trying to loosen up a bit cause I found... Expats all over mexico - I hit the jackpot in the blog department

Where is everyone? Jeez. I messed up when I moved here. I should have been rich first. Going and buying myself a measely 450k peso house in a Mexican neighborhood, and remodeling it? What were we thinking. I should have bought myself a 200 thousand DOLLAR house (atleast) and moved where the Americans are. Evidently they are everywhere. If only they took monopoly money.

So I know they are here.... somewhere? (looking over my shoulder). I've heard there is this place called, "Gringo Gulch" (doesn't that sound awful), Then over in the Romantic Zone there are tons of Americans, so I've heard.

But meanwhile I've done searches for forums... didn't find much except people trying to sell more Real Estate for people to move here. I know if I look on MexConnect there are probably people from around here.. but they all seem like .. well, the retirement crowd, and maybe rich, and charity goingish, and at this point, they might need to stop by here and bring me something, so .. you see... they might look down there noses at me..

Which reminds me of some ladies I met at the Krystal, I find myself speaking these words inside my head with a very snobby and suposedly upper clase accent. My gorgeous friend Melony had been hanging out at the Pool when I was not there with her, she would mingle and meet people. There were some ladies there, that as soon as they saw me, sort of stuck up there noses and cringed that I was "The friend, Married to a Mexican". Later I had a chance to talk to them and they even self exclaimed that they were "prissy bitches". It was very fitting but made me actually not mind them, because atleast they can admit it. Anway, back to my non snobby voice in my head.

Little by little I've been peeking at the blogs people read. And i do searches of related blogs that are similiar to my interests. Not much, I was thinking I can't be the only younger ish person tht is blogging about living in Mexico.

And... then.. today.... I found one... and then I found another, then pretty soon, I started finding more blogs about people living in Mexico than I could keep up with. I am so excited!

And get this... I found a lady/woman/girl with THE MOST hilarious blog called http://heatherinparadise.com/ It was so hilarious to read her blog. It felt almost like it was me reading my own life, but not me, but a little bit funnier, and a little bit cuter.

Well, I'm fighting my laptop computer cord, I may disappear at any moment. These damn Compaq Presarios.... they are so awesome.. but with the one little/big glitch. The power supply cords and/or parts inside the computer get all messed up and you cant get power to your pc.....and then all the sudden it just turns off, because it wasn't charging when you thought it was.

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Lets just say... doolyho and be done with it. OK?

That was one of my favorite caputchkas I came across when making a comment on a friends blog.

  • baby was crying, has a cough (scary with the seasonal asthma he got last year)
  • husband cranky I'm not coming to bed so he can get cozy(you know what he wants).
  • junie freaks out after 8:30 at night and is calmly sleeping, thank god. little monster, cutie pie princess. god help me, I really do pray for help.
  • and that damn dog next door is barking. Better keep his mouth shut, why doesn't he shut up when I yell "Shut UP!!!" Cause he speaks spanish...In my head this sounds like Spaaaan ISH.
  • Its only 11:29pm. I just want to read blogs and laugh... and write, and be inspired.
  • I think Heather in Paradise has inspired Heather in Puerto Vallarta. Sounds like I'm talking about my alter ego.
  • That is so funny, one of my good friends in Portland, who doesn't read blogs by the way, her name is Heather.
  • One of these days I'll see if I can get some of the drunk fake improv commercials that we did uploaded to the internet. I laugh so freakin hard when I watch them.
  • Thats the suckiest thing about g3 internet. uploads! I cannot get anything to upload that is over 10mb. I've got THE MOST AWESOME video of Melony spinning upside down at Sr. Frogs and I cannot get it to upload because it is 54mb. and I am sure it is something to do with my G3 internet that uses cellphone technology.
Ok. better go. Cause baby is crying again. I still have to shower and visualize.... my money, relationship, family, being funny...?.. and pray, I hope I don't forget.
Love, peace, prayers and kisses..

ok NO kisses on the mouth, just those mexican european elegant kisses that barely brush your cheek.