Monday, December 1, 2008

Go Harvey Go!

It's been over a year since I helped release some of these little turtles into the water and I still remember it as a wonderous day.

I'll tell it again, you may have heard it before, if you know me. But the reason it is coming up again is because I was just now doing a search for "Puerto Vallarta Amigas Americanas" contemplating the possibility that we might stay here if things don't go the way we have planned. The realization came to me from writing my blogs. I need to commit myself to being here, and with doing that, maybe I can move forward in some way.

So back to this story, I was searching for American friends in Puerto Vallarta, and I ran into this litle guy, here is an artcle about the conservation project on the website Vallarta Adventures, it is in Spanish, I didn't take the time to search for an english version, but there may be one there.

It was some time in the Fall of 2007, and Enrique and I and the children decided to go for a walk on the beach. We jet over there, a whopping 5 minute drive, and we start to walk. I decided to stop in an area that had a lot of rocks, so I could search for beach glass for my mosaic tile project. I kept jimi with me. Enrique and June wanted to walk on, and I figured he would be gone about 15 mintues.

About 1 hour and 1/2 later I finally see him coming. But, he stops where a crowd was gathered. I had noticed the crowd gathering just south of me on the beach outside a resort, but I figured it was some type of guest activity at the resort, so I ignored it.

By now, I was feeling quite bitchy and wondering, "Why the HELL they took so long?" And, why they did not come all the way back. I got angrier and angrier. Then finally I go over there and ask why Enrique and June didn't come back to where we were? Enrique announces that they are listening to this presentation about a conservation project for the turtles.

By now he could have said they are giving away $100 dollar bills and I still would have turned my nose up, so it didn't phase me.

I went back to the spot where our stuff was, and then about 10 mintues later all the people start coming down closer to where I am, and they are being told to spread out in a line. It ended up I was exactly where the leader of the group was heading. And Enrique walks over and says, "They are going to release the turtles in the water, do you want to release one?"

Still I answer, "NO!". Then the leader of the group comes over next to me with a plastic bin, and ask's me if I want to release one. There inside that bin were 100 teeny, tiny, cutie, precious, little, itzy bitzy, baby turtles. They were about 3 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide. Awww they were so cute. Suddenly I turn into a 5 year old. I answer, "YES!" with a big excited smile. My attitude is so funny because I was the first person to get a turtle.

I grab one little guy out and he is scared but he tries to swim in my hand. It was so adorable, and I just held onto him, trying to keep him calm, until it was time. June got one, and Enrique got one too. And about 100 people all were holding the tiny turtles.

We were told that 4pm was the time to release them, so that the birds didn't eat them. So at the command we were all told to put the turtles down. By then I had named my turtle. I named him after my Grandfather Harvey Kiersey. And I was talking to him and being very silly. At the command, I let my guy go and he was faster than many of the others.

There they were trying to skoot out to the ocean. Once they were far enough the waves came in and would carry the little turtles out.

Once they were all out into the water, the sun was setting on the ocean and you could see all these little tiny black dots on the water. It was the little heads of the tiny turtles. I will never forget that day.

But now, I'm just wondering what kind of sign from god that is for me when I search for American friends i.e. Amigas Americanas en Puerto Vallarta and I get the baby turtles.

It must mean something?