Thursday, December 11, 2008

Faith is...........

Faith is, when you have no reason to believe, there is nothing materializing, no proof, everything points to the other direction and YOU STILL BELIEVE.

That is how things are right now for me. I still believe. People may think I am polly-anna-ish or naive, but time and time again, life presents miracles to me.

I have PCOS (if you don't know its a problem with your ovaries which causes tons and tons of problems throughout your entire body) But... I have 3 children. My first came on accident when I was 20 born in 1992. My second one born 2002, we tried for over 2 years and then one day I prayed I put my request on a piece of paper put it in a can labled "God Can" put the lid on it and 2-3 months later I was pregnant. (because God Can) And number 3 we tried for 7 months and I visualized my baby boy. And sure enough I got what I ordered.

There has been ton's of times when exactly what I needed just showed up out of no where.

When we came here to Mexico I gave up my house. My big (looks little but it wasn't) charming house.... in Portland Oregon. Built in 1937 and very different from most other houses.

With the wooden swing set that my husband built in the back.

And the mint and the cilantro in the garden and the daffodils coming back everyyear. and the composter. I liked that composter because when I put tomatillo husks into the composter and used the soil, tomatillo plants popped up.

And even in one fertile area, tomatoes came back every year, and I didn't even plant them.

But we gave up that 5 bedroom 3 bath house, (No waiting to go to the bathroom when we were there). To sell it and come to Mexico. I didn't know at the time that we saved ourselves from so much.


When we moved here in April 2007, was the very beginning of the housing crisis and since I sold it on craigslist we made a pretty good profit. They guy who bought it however, will be awhile till he gets his money back because I think values have dropped since he bought it.

Also since we left, the whole CRACKDOWN on illegal aliens got underway. So atleast we don't have to be living in fear, while we are down here.

But now, not able to afford a xmas tree. Just waiting for our Puerto Vallarta house to sell, so we can have money.

E is having a problem finding a job.

I'm seriously telling my 6 year old June, that now she's been on the naughty list all year long.

I told June that last year she was on the naughtly list but I called Santa and I said, "Please Santa, she promises to be good this year" and that she hasn't been good this year. Sooo true... sos ososososososoososo true. She heard me when I was on the phone last year to Santa, so she knows it happened.

And that last year Santa made me promise I wasn't going to call him EVERY year begging for presents for June. "So what do I do now?", I said to her..."Is it MY fault you are on the naughty list?" I said.

But the truth is... we don't have money for food right now. I don't know why e is having a hard time finding a job. It's weird down here you have to have a F_CKing college degree to get a job that pays 6000 pesos a month. It's crazy. That is unless you are working in the time share industry... but we just aren't into that.

We are lucky, however, that the corner store is letting us do a credit, and they sell all types of food.

But hey, what ever you do DO NOT feel sorry for me/us. What we are going through right now has been deliberate... mostly...

For the last over 1 year and 1/2... we have only remodeled our house, spent all our money going and doing fun stuff like Pirate ship, 2 or 3 more day cruises, going to the resorts for the day, trips to see his parents, sea life park, zoo, cascades, manzanilla day trips to restaurants with margaritas... I mean the last year and a half has been nice. Sure there has been some surgeries, illnessess and a death that we didnt' expect...which threw our schedule out of whack for awhile, But over all it has been very joyous. And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

The one whiney drawback is you never know that your wish to spend 24/7 with your significant other is a mixed blessing....

The 2nd whiney drawback is, it is damn near impossible to vacation with your kids...

But other than that, my children and I were able to know my father-and-law before he passed. And... They are bilingual. And... I'm bilingual.. mostly... and.. ton's of other great stuff.

Now all I need is the laws to change in the US regarding immigration and 10 year bans, and maybe 20 year bans, and lifetime bans too. If anyone goes over to can you vote for that for me... ... immigration and lifetime bans or family unity.

Anyway, I have faith.

I always say "You are where you should be, doing what you should be doing...'d be somewhere else, doing something else.!"