Friday, December 5, 2008

Being an Illegal Alien in Mexico, my life

Right now, I am watching the Rachel Ray talk show, with the laptop on a tray, sitting on my bed. The kids are playing play doh on the dining room table, and watching cartoons.

We went 3 weeks without anyone seeing the house, I believe because of a computer glitch that I found, listing the price of our house 20k higher than it is currently supposed to be. So, today, suddenly, 4 different people came to see the house. Right before the second one came, enrique and I had an argument, and he left. Now he won't answer my text messages.

I have an interview tomorrow for a receptionist job. In the US I would never take a Receptionist Job, well, because that is an entry level job, and I made it to the top of the ladder of secretarial, as an Executive Assistant, and opporutnity to be program or project coordinator. Anyway, but here as an illegal American in Mexico. I hope I can get the job.

I will be forced to lie though. I don't like lyng. But I must go into the interview tomorrow, and convince them that I plan to stay in Puerto Vallarta, and do not want to leave. Otherwise, they won't hire me.

On Wednesday it was June's 6th birthday. We didn't do much. She has been such a terror lately, that I am going to have to find someonline course or something to figure out how to deal with her. It has been very stressful, and at times, Enrique and I have no idea what to do. Anyway, we gave her some art supplies and made some choco choco brownies, with ice cream.

The weather is nice, cooler than normal, but still around 80.

I have a cold, I am the last one to get it for some miracle. Usually, my immune system gets hit first. But I've withheld it until now.

I've been being mean to my honey, I want him to get a job. Stop doing it casually. We have to get back to the US, so we can go back to normal in our relationship. Our relationship is under too much stress, here. Ever since we moved here we have not gotten along as well, as before. One thing we always have at the end of the day is passion. So I guess that is something.

I'll let you know what happens. Right now I need to rest. I have a sinus infection and feel ear infection coming on.


Puerto Vallarta Girl