Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You just can't expect your man to be everything for you.. I know.. but I still do...

For right this minute, forget getting up to speed on the last year. I just want to talk about right now. I'm listening to a rap song right now, Bandahood, "Da me lo que quieres dar, te necesito para respirar. "
That song stirs me up inside. "haremos el amor hasta llege la manana, y tu me lo das yo te lo doy. "
It's just, I want someone to love me like that! Listening to it makes me sad and mixed up to think about it. Why do I do that to myself?
For those of you who don't speak spanish the lyrics are more or less (anyone correct me if I am wrong), "Give me whatever you want to give me because I can't breath without you" Then later it says, " Lets make love until the morning comes, give it to me and I'll give it to you" The song keeps repeating that I can't breath without you. It just sounds really passionate in the song and in spanish. "Te necesito para respirar."
I am like that. I describe things like that specific and passionate. My husband gets all freaked out and like a deer in headlights when he is faced with expressing his feelings. That is so mean to say, but I guess I knew that when I met him, he was 21 and HOT! Now... even though I still think he is HOT and sweet... I ...I want a freakin passionate intelligent conversation.

This photo is in 2002 I think. We met in 12/31/98.

Truth is, you can't expect your man to be everything for you... I know this. but being isolated in Mexico, (isolated with my family? )A dream on one hand, but without friends and live interesting conversation.. It's hard.

Hey guess what? Tomorrow one of my very oldest friends is coming to Puerto Vallarta for a week. Yea!!!! This will be my first visitor. Her dad came in September but that is when we were in Morelia and Enrique's dad was dying. So I didnt' get to see him. He is like a combination of Chevy Chase and Tim Allen ... Anyway, she is staying at a resort and we have fun stuff planned.

This photo is in 2003.

Anyway, obervation today: My 6 year old girl has an attitude. I mean I know that she is spoiled. I was making pancakes and the first one did not come out quite right. I was trying to make a octupus or monster and when I flipped it, it fell apart. So I split it up and gave part to my 2 year old and the other part to June... "You want me to eat that?" OH my god!

This photo is from July 2007

So e (thats what I call Enrique my husband) just came home... I've included some pictures of him, for your entertainment, if you like that sort of thing. Shameless huh? He has gotten a little thicker in the last year, but not too bad. I just told him "I'm pimping you out baby" (referring to putting his sexy pictures on the internet)
Anyway, if anyone thinks that is true, you have NO idea what a Jealous biotch I am? But since I am in mexico.. I figured why not?