Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What happened to the job you wonder?

Well, I am writing this now.. present day, November 2008, NOT 2007, I guess I left this out of my blog last year. There was a lot going on at the time.

The first day I went to work, A BIRD POOPED ON MY HEAD. I knew in that moment that it was not going to work out. But I did not turn around and leave.

What I liked about the job: Having a place to be my own person. Getting up in the morning and getting dressed up and looking nice. Talking to the Sales guys. And getting paid.

What I didn't like um getting my first check and being told I was being LAID OFF - 1 WEEK LATER.

But of course the reason I was laid off could have been for a variety of reasons, here I will make a list of possiblities of why I got laid off:
  • The lady I was replacing was training me, but didn't know I was replacing her and started sabatoging me and my training
  • I told the big boss/owner I didn't like how they were running the deals
  • I told the girl who was training me "Dorota" a Polish girl. That I thought something wasn't quite right in the business and maybe they were scamming people.
  • I was an illegal alien in Mexico at the time. So they would have had to adjust my status.
  • When I interviewed I appeared subservient and smart, but when I worked there, I am not at all subservient, though I am smaart, I am very outspoken, and sometimes a little bit obnoxious... if you haven't already noticed.
  • I read through their contract and told them it had to be re-written. I made a huge list of updates.
  • I told them I wasn't comfortable lying to people and that Dorota is really good at it.
Well, do you know what... it turns out that is a scam. Belaire Vacation Club is a total scam. The head guy and brother are straight out of the Sopranos. The head guy appears to have had facial plastic surgery. And after several years they have taken peoples money and still not built anything. I'm glad I was only there 1 week, so that I don't get indicted somehow.. lol.
Anyway, there is a link attached to the blog below where I talk about getting the job. I knew from the moment the bird pooped on my head.. there was something wrong, and I was right. It's a year later, and they have barely started anything on the construction, while other resorts have gone from breaking ground to opening in 1/4 of the time.