Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What no Mayonaise without lime?... bummer!

This article was originally written on April 21, 2007.

Jimi my youngest baby who is 11 months old is walking around in his walker with Oreo cookie on his face. I really want to do the world for her. Her being my Mother-inllaw. But we have to figure out what we are going to do financially first, we have brought with us the proceeds from the sale of the house which was a profit of $70,000.

My biggest pet peeve right now… can’t find Mayonnaise without lime and real butter. And I really want it.

I'm not really nervous but I have been getting a little cranky lately with Jimi being really cranky. He has been wanting to be held all day long. Normally in the house in Portland he would be fine for a while at a time. But right now all he wants is Mama... Mama... Mama.....
I do miss having continual Internet access. There is a place in Albaro, the closest town that charges about $1. Hour and they let me hook up my own computer but it is still a hassle.

Basically I have given up most of my possessions and my house and my life for a trip to Mexico to inspire my creative side. And so that my children can meet their Grandparents, and my husband can spend time with them, since it has been 5 years since he has seen them. What a pity it has been that we couldn't travel just because of his immigration status.
Here I am wanting to be inspired and this is practically the first thing I have created. Other than totally remodeling my Mother-in-Laws bathroom. You see years earlier … around 10, my Brother-in-laws got together and built a pretty nice bathroom for my mother in law. It is not bad byAmerican Standards. It is tiled on the floor and walls in a pretty cobalt blue and white tile with a blue toilet and sink. The only problem is they never hooked up everything all the way.
So now the grout is gone in places, the sink was broken, the toilet broken and the shower was installed with faucets normally used outside so we cannot replace them. So we have spent the last week getting everything in working order.
It may seem like it is for them, but I just can't survive the way things were.