Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The science of relationships and love - Originally written End of Jan. 2008

Why can you live everyday the same and then all the sudden you get in a funk It's like you lose your shiny fun-side to the people who you spend the most time with.

Its weird, it doesn't matter where you live, your house is your house, your problems are your problems.

There is always laundry to do, if you run, if you leave, after awhile there will be laundry there.

I moved from Portland, OR, USA to Puerto Vallarta, Jal. Mexico. I still have 3 kids. One that I wish wanted to spend more time with me. I still have a husband I cherish. I still have that feeling like I want some time alone. I still have that feeling like I need more independence. But now I have a new thing.

I have a knowledge of what it is to live in a city where you don't know anyone and all you have is your close family.

And now I'm going back to Portland for 2 weeks. I'm going to be away from my husband for 2 weeks, and my little baby boy.

Because my husband can't travel to the US, he's not legal there. And I'm not gone yet and today I already miss him.

Why does it take these circumstances to bring the apreciation of things back to you?

Why do things lose their lackluster when there is nothing to break up the monotony?

Cold Portland or Tropical Puerto Vallarta you need those interruptions, from work, grocery shopping, laundry, dinner, feeding the children, everything, you need something to slap you accross the face, so you can REMEMBER:


Today I had my little baby boy in the shower with me, he'll be 2 the end of May. And when he was clean I called my husband to come and get him, and when he was leaving, my baby wanted to give me a kiss bye bye 3 seperate times with his little lips puckered. When he was only leaving me for a few mintues.

I thought, in that moment, I have to remember this, I have to record this moment, etch it into my mind, because it will leave and I will forget.

There will always be more laundry and dishes, BUT THIS, THIS IS WHAT COUNTS!

The song The Scientist fromt he Wicker Park soundtrack, always makes me FEEL. If you like romantic stories with longing, you have to see the movie Wicker Park.