Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From Portland to El Rancho

Originally written on April 20, 2007

The Traveling was hard with the 2 little ones it took 8 days to drive to Central Mexico from Portland, Oregon, USA., and here we are. Being here is not THAT hard compared to the traveling. It is difficult to do normal things such as wash dishes, do laundry, go to the bathroom, and take a shower, It is just that the house I am currently in was originally 1 room. With an add on and an add on. You go outside to get from one room to the next.

Here we are in a small town outside a bigger town outside a big city called Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. Morelia is quite large. In Morelia I have seen 2 wallmarts or SamsClub, 1 Home Depot, 3 Office Depots, 1 Costco, 1 Pizza Hut, Several McDonalds, Kentucky Fried chicken, and 2 Blockbusters. But I have only been there 3 times since we got here 11 days ago.

This little town itself is like… I guess a village. The streets are lined with houses at the street level. Most do not have front yards. There are concrete brick walls that fence most yards, so it appears that is just concrete wall after concrete wall. But inside those walls are farms. Now these are not big areas. The lots the anywhere from 100’ x 200’ to 50’ by 50’. It appears most people at least have chickens and turkeys etc. If not several cows, goats, horses or pigs. We are about 1 mile from the international airport for Morelia.. but for some reason I don’t hear the planes…. We are also about 500’ from a highway

We haven’t figured out what we want to do with our money. We don’t have much but with no debts and excellent credit we think we can do something.

I really need Internet access right now. I want to go to the airport and see if they have Internet access there. I think I will have Enrique drive me up there.