Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok so now I'm a circus freak? (Not for the Squeamish)

This article originally was written in November 2007,

Let me just start by putting up a picture of my lovely little daughter/monster and nephews/monster's. We went back to E's town for Halloween 2007. It does seem appropriate with the title of this article.

Mexican Doctor discovers deformity.. on me?

Torus palatinus: Ok, well... I'm down here in Puerto Vallarta. We've been here for 7 months. I'm learning all the different medical theories and practices that they have down here.

For instance, I'm sure you have heard of this new thing in the states where you can go to a Pharmacy such as Rite Aid or Walgreens and get an immediate appointment for around $50 dollars more or less. Down here there are these Pharmacias Similares everywhere, and you can get an appointment immediately for $30 pesos thats about $3.00 dollars folks. That is good. Bad part is one day I'm pretty sure that I saw the doctor park his Taxi Cab so he could come to his 2nd job, lol.

Observation: Mexican's believe that if you have a cold you cannot drink or eat anything cold or submerse yourself into anything cold. This is a very hard one for me because the coldest day we have had around here lately is a high of 93 and a low of 75. This one causes quite the argument around my house.

That brings us to todays topic... Before my eldest son (15) went back to Portland in the beginning of August we all went 24 ways to the wind swimming. We went to the ocean beach, water park, restaurant with a pool, Sea life park/water park, fancy resort pool, and wading in the kids pool at home. With all this swiming and then going in and out of A/C, I of course got a TERRIBLE EAR INFECTION. So I got referred to see a specialist which only costs $250. pesos, basically like $25. dollars.

So I'm at the Specialist. He puts a camera in my ear. On the camera you can see my ear canals are swollen, more so on my right ear. Plus there was alot of stuff in there. So he proceeds to CLEAN MY EAR. Yes CLEAN MY EAR. It was like getting a dentist cleaning but ... IN MY EAR! He scraped the sides of my ear canal, he squirted a liquid into my ear and VACUUMED IT OUT. OVER AND OVER AND OVER- AND SCRAPED AND VACUUMED. Ok enough with that..

Anyway, I had said my throat was sore so he did the customary stick a wood stick in my throat and say ahhhhh.. And then he said you probably already know this but you have a Torus Palatinus? A lump on the roof of your mouth.I'm like "What????" I felt it with my tongue... "The roof of everyone's mouth isn't round...?" I asked.

Then I felt back and the lump seems larger than I remember my mouth being...and I started to stress. Of course my first thought is always brain tumor... I'm crazy like that. Then I started to think about it. I've always sort of made fun of my Husband because his fingers curl. He cannot put his hands flat. It is some genetic thing in his family. I know one of my legs is 3/4 inches longer then the other one, but has never really caused me a problem. And...I'll come out and say it now: ONE OF MY BOOBS IS SLIGHTLY BIGGER THAN THE OTHER.

My little baby son has this thing by his left eye. It looks like a tear duct, but it isn't where the tear duct should be it is 1/8th inch away from the eye closer to the nose...Here we are a family of Circus freaks...

What a trip it is to find a huge lump inside my mouth that I never noticed and none of all the dentists in the States ever said a word. One last thing, I guess it's common, like 13% of all people have this.. but who knew.