Friday, November 7, 2008

A Mexican Tim Curry and wife want my hubby?

This article was originally written on August 25, 2007

Living in Mexico

Here we are visiting my in-laws again. The night before we came we were invited to have a beer with some neighbors that live 4 houses up the street from us. The lady’s name is Judy, a very American name but she only speaks a little English. She is very pretty. I didn’t even realize she had a husband but there we were sitting at the table with her husband who looks like a Mexican Tim Curry. He also has that sort of gayness about him that Tim Curry had in Rocky Horror picture show. He made some gay jokes and I’ve heard a lot of Mexican boys are married and then secretly gay.

Funny thing was … I sort of got the feeling that both the husband and the wife were flirting with Enrique.

Weird thing was… and I didn’t even know how to receive this, Enrique wasn’t buying. Normally he cannot ignore the attentions of a woman. I started to write unless they are old, and then back spaced.. no that doesn’t matter. Started to write unless they are heavy, no… that doesn’t matter either. I’m not sure there is any reason Enrique might ignore a woman checking him out. But this night he did. Once we left and I started to think about it… this started to make me nervous. Because normally the only time a man (like Enrique) would ignore a woman’s flirtations is because he has already been involved with them and the curiosity is over. But other than an occasional hi… He would never have had the opportunity to mess around with her. I don’t think.

Great now I am going to be paranoid about it. I swear our problem right now is that we never have any time apart. We never have time to miss each other. We are sort of sick of each other I think. 5 months together nonstop 24/7….Except a few days here or there when I would leave to go shopping or something.

Anyway, with all the controversy we have had in the past 5 months he said that he was ignoring it because he is trying to be responsible and show me how much he loves me. This is something that I do instinctively when I love someone.. For him he is just learning to ignore womens attention since we met on 12/31/1998. I think he knows that I am seriously at the end of my patience of him looking at women. I mean I am starting to question our true compatibility. We are so good together sexually and as parents. But as friends it is an on and off thing. Basically he thinks I am a bitch and I think he lacks courage to be assertive. We are truly opposites. I think that pretty much spells it out. But they say opposites attract.

We gracefully exited the neighbors house and I am wondering if we will ever go over and hang with them again. I really need some friends here in Mexico but this lady just didn’t seem that interested in talking to ME. She kept asking Enrique if he would do a lap dance or a table dance. After we left I was thinking she must be really horny, since her husband is obviously gay. I think also she may have been a bit drunk because she was on a 10 day vacation where they were not going anywhere. I guess time will tell.

There are also some other neighbors on the other side. They didn’t’ seem as partyish as this couple but they seem kind of and nice. So we will see.

That night the remains of Hurricane Dean made it to the West Coast and there was rain, and more rain. The street was filled to the top of the curb with water. Some water was coming in the house through the bottom of the back door. We were leaving the next morning to go to Morelia to visit my in-laws so we put some bags with Sand in them because we didn’t want to come home to a house fully of damaged furniture and standing water.

Here we are in Michoacan again and we’ve been here for 2 nights now. I miss my house. And, I miss the heat. It is very very hot and humid in Puerto Vallarta at this time of year. But here it is quite cool. It rains quite a bit here but it also gets cold.