Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I got a Job in Mexico

This article was originally written on October 29, 2007

Yes folks. I went on my first real interview and I got the job.

It's not american dollars. but it's kinda close..

So... a really experienced neighbor friend of mine is the Manager of the reception desk at holiday inn and she makes only 5000 pesos per month...She's been doing this for 6 or more years and took college courses for this vocation.

I just went and got a job starting at 17,000 pesos per month. It's not american dollars, I used to make a little more than twice that much per month at my last job but this is Mexico and I feel blessed to find a job like this. Plus raises are in my future and I get my own office. The only perk I know about so far is that I am going to get tailor made suits to wear. And hopefully I can use the resort with my family, but who knows on that one.

Also haven't worked outside the home since 2004 so I feel very lucky.

The job is:
This is a legal verification officer at a brand new resort


ps. I don't have to speak spanish...Because I can speak it but it is broken spanish...