Monday, November 10, 2008

Getting up to speed on the blog

Well, I started this blog on myspace last year and then in the spring I became ill and pulled it. So that explains why it is a year off right now. I am trying to get all my old posts into this blog.

What I've noticed in doing so is that I am missing my Son's visit. He came to visit me from July 5th to August 5th 2007, and he had already grown a lot since April 10, 2007 which was the last time I had saw him, at that point.

I think perhaps I didn't blog about it because I was just so busy at the time. We went to the Zoo, Pirate Ship, the Sea Life Park, Cascades, and much more.

Oh yeah... I remember the day we went on the Pirate ship, I was really pissed off at my husband, maybe it was the all inclusive margaritas or what ever, but I was thinking things weren't going to work.

Well, that was a year and 3 months ago and we are still going strong, though to tell you the truth, when Enrique is stressed about dinero he is VERY CRANKY. I'll just leave it at that.
Stay tuned, soon, I will have everything to this point. Meanwhile here are some pictures from when my son came last year. So you don't miss out on the whole story.