Thursday, November 6, 2008

Forgiven in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

This article was originally written on May 17, 2007

This is 11:02 pm and I decided to forgive Enrique for what he did. We left yesterday and we didn’t get all the way to Puerto Vallarta but we got to Guyabitos, Nayarit. We really enjoyed it there. It seemed the economy there was not doing that well. A lot of closing businesses and property for sale. So we aren't really considering investing there.

Right now we are in Puerto Vallarta and I wanted to point out the coincidences that have happened. We drove into Puerto Vallarta and after we stopped to go to the Pemex Gas station I said we should look up here(pointing) for a cheap hotel. I looked up the hill on the road and saw a few hotels. But they didn’t appear to have any private parking so we didn’t stop then we drove around and around looking for a hotel and ended up finding a place that sets you up with a place sort of like what we ran into in Ixtapa. The guy ended up routing us back to the very first place I noticed. He thought it would be around 1100 pesos per night. We came up here and we have to move in 2 days and then come back, but we bought an entire week for like $2700 pesos plus breakfast for both of us for a week for around $80 pesos per day. The Room has a kitchenette in it.

And guess what? They have cable with nearly all the stations we normally like in the US. We watched MTV for awhile with the program Next and other programs we like. There are lots of stations with English. When we went for dinner the waiter was very nice to us and the style of the restaurant was very elegant. It was on the 4th floor so you have a nice view of the ocean. The manager said that there are these boat tours where you can have all the drinks you want, kids are free, continental breakfast. They take you on a boat to an island and you can kayak for free. All this for around $20/ea adult.

In the restaurant the waiter said the southern way to Morelia is faster. Around 6 hours. I hope so. Also the cook or manager is selling some houses right in our budget range. When June and I went to the bathroom there was the same style of glass cover we used to have in our bathroom in Portland. In our hotel room there is a pub table with chairs, not exactly the same as what we had but similiar. Outside our room there is a gate where Jimi can walk around in his walker and not get away. There is a table and couch outside so the room seems bigger. There is also a pool down the next floor.

On the TV I was watching a movie that had a man dying of cancer and he was video taping himself for messages and memories for his family. When my Dad was dieing I had wanted my Dad to tape record stuff for me but he never did it. He was too sick.

So in the movie the family went to Disneyland. It reminded me of how my Dad told me not to worry, that I could go to Disneyland don't worry about him, he will be fine.. and then he died while I was at Disneyland.

The door on the bathroom has wood peeling back that reminded me of my childhood house where the doors did that. When we were first driving into town I saw a construction company named COE, my mothers maiden name.

Also at the grocery store they had more American products than I have seen since I’ve been in Mexico. When I picked up a glass that was in the cupboard it reminded me of the smell my Grandma’s dishes used to have. I asked the waiter in the restaurant if there was a Home Depot, my favorite store, and he said they are building one right now.

There is McDonalds, Burger king, Pizza hut, Blockbuster, 2 hooters, carls jr. Wallmart, Sams Club, Chili’s Outback Steakhouse, Starbucks, Domino’s, .KFC, Churches chicken.

Not sure what more coincidences but I am liking it so far. Also everywhere else we went we hardly picked up any radio stations here we picked up 6 or more and some of them play American music.