Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FINALLY The final update to bring you up to speed of my life in Mexico

  • In the end of January 2008 I went to visit Portland for 2 weeks, to do my taxes, visit family and friends and take care of a bunch of stuff. At the same time Enrique went back to his home-town by Morelia, Michoacan to take photos of his cousins wedding.

  • In the spring I had a falling out with my teenage son. But we ended up patching it together a little bit better. All via email and texting. In the spring we went on a day trip through Quimixto with my neighbor Rosa and I stepped on a Manta Ray when we went on a boat excursion.
  • End of April we went to visit my in-laws and I started developing high blood pressure, which makes me feel like an old lady.

When we came back to Puerto Vallarta, we finally got my Father-in-law to come too, as well as my Mother in law, and we did tons of fun stuff after we spent a few weeks just taking them to the dr. They were in pretty bad shape. My mother in law had foot surgery and misc. problems. And my Father in law blood sugar was crazy high, blood pressure was crazy high, had a fungus on his skin, some kind of blood infection. We got him doing way better. and then forced him to stay longer than he wanted and they left the evening of fathers day after we went to sea life park. Here is a picture of my parents in law and me, and here is another picture that day where it looks like a dolphin is smiling at June. Sad to say this was the last day we spent with his Dad having fun and talking. Until we got the call in September.
  • So while they were here I had some type of attack. The doctors wanted to say it was a panic attack. I think it was like a pre-heart attack. What happened was I stood up suddenly in frustration (because June pushed Jimi into the wall), I had a crushing chest pain, yelled "call 911"(which is irrelevant here), sat down, everyone stared at me, and didn't do anything, I laid down on the floor and fainted for a second, my whole body got cold with a cold sweat. Finally Enrique slowly drove me to the hospital and my blood pressure was high, and the EKG was slightly off but not alot. They thought I was just another American lady having a panic attack, while on vacation. After that, I continued to have uncontrollable blood pressure after my in-laws left.
  • In July my 16 year old Son came to visit and at first we were getting along great. But he made it clear that he felt it was a huge sacrifice to come see me. It was weird because when we moved here I thought how fabulous it would be to be 16, and be able to spend summers in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. But he didn't have any sense of adventure and only wanted to stay in his room on the computer or texting his friends back in Clackamas Oregon. He did invite a few friends to come but with the new passport requirement it didn't work out. The week before he left I had to have surgery. I had a kidney stone.

Here is the front of the house before

Front of the house after

  • Meanwhile since we moved in we have been remodeling but during these months when my In-laws were visiting and my son was visiting, we employed an Abanil to work on the house to get some stuff finished to get the house ready to sell. This is a brick work person. His name is Donalto and we paid him more or less $250 dollars per week. He does much more than brick work. Enrique worked side by side with him and resented me for being sick. Here are some before and after pictures. I designed everything and they would do what ever I asked (in regards to remodeling the house).
  • Here is the Kitchen before Here is the Kitchen After
        Here is the roof before converting to a terrace Here is the roof after it was converted to a terrace There are many more before and after photos but I'll leave it at that for now.
                    Finally there is the trip to Morelia when we got the call at on a Saturday night I believe it was August 30, 2008 10pm. I just had a stent removed from my surgery and we got the call that Conchis (that's my father in laws nickname) had a heart attack. The next morning we drove the 8rs there and that week was a terrible terrible week. I don't want to depress everyone so I'll leave it at that. And then the rest of the blog brings you up to date. No more Old blogs. Yeah!!!!