Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Dream Act or My dream? They need it even more than we do.

The fan swirls around above me as I see the shadows on the ceiling. In November it is warm. I like it here in November, the weather is warm but cool enough to use a sheet to sleep. Warm enough for the low setting on the ceiling fan.

In this time in my life I find myself at a crossroads again. I have trouble sleeping. At this point, our financial situation has not gone as planned but we still have hope. I am DYING to go back to Portland. And Enrique and I have been struggling in our relationship. We have been arguing and talking about our relationship and about who we are and what we want. But it is clear we Both want to be together.

Those freakin Immigration laws….. We still have to wait to see what we are facing. Some days I feel nervous. But in general I have faith. Faith that everything will be ok. Faith has always worked out for us before.

Today we walked to the store. The truck needs some work done on the Transmission and we don’t have the money at the moment to fix it. Luckily we are about 10 minutes away from the mall and Wallmart. The streets are dusty with sand here. And the roads are bumpy. Here they have a cobblestone type of road. Some areas the stones are packed with sand, other areas the stones are firm with concrete. (this is a picture of our street where our house is)

When you go to Wallmart you see all the cruise ships across the way. It always surprises me that people go on a cruise and get off the ship to go to Wallmart.

June and Jimi were happy to get out today. Poor Jimi, he has been very moody and I think he is sick.
Today Enrique applied for a job and got offered the job. He told them it didn’t pay enough. It is installing doors and kitchens. This is the closest job they have to his trade, and I was upset. I didn’t understand why he didn’t take it. He said he didn’t take it because he thought I would say it didn’t pay enough.

Earlier in the year he would say he was going to go get a job and I would say… don’t do it, we need to finish the house…. But now the house is done and we have had it on the market 2 months.

Then no matter what I do, to express my opinions it is like I am turning a dial on him. He uses my opinions for a reason to do stuff and an excuse why he didn’t do something. I want him to show who he really is. Stop letting me dictate everything. And then blaming me later when he doesn't like how things turned out.

We won't be celebrating Thanksgiving this year again, but even so I am thankful. Thankful that everyone is basically well. We have a cozy nice house to live in. We have food in the cupboard, beautiful lively children. I still have interenet, thank god, we still have cable. And we live in a tropical paradise where we can go and hang out in the warm ocean waters when ever we want.

I just miss my family and my friends, and my city. And I hope we will be back soon.

Our DS-230 appt should be in January. But not sure.
Have you seen this website
they are organizing ideas to get in front of the new president so that certian issues that people vote for will be put at the top of the list. I voted for the dream act.
Enrique and I talked about it, and it really did bring me to tears. But even as hard as it is for us to be here, or have to be apart if I go back to the US before Enrique can. What is far sadder is the affects the immigration system has on people who were brought to the US when they were under the age of 16, grew up as an American and then graduate from school and have no where to go.
They can’t work, or get a drivers licenses. I said to Enrique, that we should vote for the Dream act on, because they need it even more than we do. And it is hard to sacrifice something so very core to us, but it is true, they need it EVEN more than we do.
Now pray for us please. Pray for a miracle that the immigration laws will be repealed, or updated in a way that we can come back. Back home, where everything I know is, where my son is, where my mother is, where I have lived my entire life, in Portland, Oregon.
God bless and thank you.