Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creative Visualization and my Life

This Article was originally written in November 2007

Just over 10 years ago, I came out of my first marriage and developed a life philosophy based on creative >visualization and coincidences. Which in part came from readinig these 2 books.

I still use the creative visualization but I haven't experienced as many coincidences. The idea is that everyday there are a number of coincidences that you experience and if you follow the coincidences they will lead you to your most divine destiny.

Well, for some reason coincidences had dissappeared as I began my life with my 2nd husband Enrique.

We both only started this for fun.
Was I going in the wrong direction? Or did I just stop noticing them because I was content?

Since then we've had many wonderful experiences. We now have 2 children and live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The economy is booming here, and we are dabbling in real estate. Before I was with my husband I was totally in love with a man who only wanted sex from me. This lasted a year and 1/2. Though I put on a tough front I was devastated. During this time there were hundreds of coincidences that pointed my life towards him. But why.. when it clearly would never work.

Anyway, one of last times that I encountered that man, he tried to flirt with me and I told him I had come to a realization. The only reason I had become so obsessed with him before, is because I secretly knew it would never work. And I needed time to heal. This could be why so many coincidences pointed me towards him. I'll never know for sure.

Later when I was ready to really be serious and I relaxed my grasp on my desire for that man. I prayed to God to send me a man who would love me completely and be there for me. And within 3 weeks Enrique showed up. That is when the coincidences slowed down for the first several years. And then once we decided to move to Mexico 6/2006 I started noticing coincidences again. Even more-so once we came to Puerto Vallarta.

Now Enrique and I experience concidences all the time. One thing that comes to the top of my head is that we hear our song all the time. Dido's "Thank You", You might not think that is a big deal but then take into account that we are down here in Mexico. Way down South. I've heard it in grocery stores, on radio stations that play almost pure spanish music, and on a spanish cd in the style of Bachata that had a cover of Thank You. Maybe this means we are meant to be here in Puerto Vallarta.

We are really lucky. Just chilling in Puerto Vallarta. We go to the beach like I used to go to the park in Portland. We've spent 7 months together as a family on vacation. And the economy here is CRAZY BOOMING. Real Estate is going nuts.

If you are curious about the idea of coincidences playing a part in your life... take a look at this website " or go to amazon and look up those books. You can read exerpts from it to see if it is something that might work for you. For me I just made a request to the universe and did affirmations and 90% of the things I prayed for appeared.

Maybe these things can work for you. I'm going to try to re-connect by re reading the Power of flow. God Bless