Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The blame that comes with Divorce - Originally written March 15, 2008

He didn’t see his mothers eyes, he didn’t know. When he left to his fathers house so excited about something special to do when they got together.

And she didn’t know when he acted up at home after childcare that it was really a compliment, that he felt more comfortable with her. In her child psychology research that is what they said, but it was hard to believe.

And time went on. Living together and weaving through life. Until she found out what else she didn’t know……her ex husband and family were saying things about her to her 5 year old son. And on to 6 years and 7 years and 8 years. And on.

One day when he was 12 years old on mothers day, he told her. He told her all the things they had said through the years.

And she started telling him back her side of the story. But it was too late. He didn’t believe her now.

So the high road didn’t pay off. But when will it? When will he forgive her? The lies that were embedded into his mind. Such as everything was her fault.

He shut the door in her face so many times. He shut her down so many times. She didn’t know what to think. Did he even love her?

When she asked him this, he said that she hurt him even more, and then he went to talk about it with the same people that told him it was all her fault.

She couldn’t win. Everything she did she couldn’t win. And she still has hopes, one day, he will see her value. He will see that she offers Love, intelligence, and creativity.

The day when he comes around and sees her for who she is, they will talk. And spend time, and have fun and enjoy life together.

And she prays for this and always has hope that it will come soon. That he will accept her love.