Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bickerland - Originally written Oct. 17, 2007 <-------

How did we get to bickerland?

Head pounding, I'm over the ear infection but the head is still pounding.

Driving (well me I'm riding), looking for the "Mano a Mano" (classified ads of PV). Where do they sell it?

Trying to find a song on the homemade cd's, getting sick of a lot of these.

I finally find one that we want - The Rain, by K-OS. We sing.

"Mommy, why are we going over here...?" Says my almost 5-year-old daughter.

I answer her and then... "June put your seat belt ON!" Why does she push so hard.

Baby cries, "Uh ohhhh", looks down.

"Oh you dropped your bottle?", I say and look around on the floor in the back for it.

We stop at a second OXXO (like 7-11) Enrique goes in this time..

He comes back and looks at me weird, hands me back the change, says with an irritated voice "It was ONLY tres pesos!"

As if I had compromised him by handing him 7.

So we head on our little trip out of the house, towards the Soriana (like Super Wallmart, or Albertson’s, or what not)

So far we have joked a little bit.

Then "The way I live" by baby boy da prince comes on. We start to sing it.. But a nearby car has the base up so loud that it starts rupturing my eardrums...

I turn down the song in our car to make sure it's not our base that is bothering me.

I say, " Can we figure out who has their base so high and stay away from them.."

This is evidently too much. "How am I supposed to do that?" Enrique says.

"God why do you have to snapp at me, my head hurts. Just thought if we could listen to where it was coming from we could stay back...”

He replies incredulous.."Listen to what you said.."

"I'm sorry if you had ear infections and a sinus infection you'd know why I can’t handle that.. it makes me nervous or something..."

We both get pissed off bicker a little bit more.

And we get better, and we each try to make a joke. And then we bicker again... till its time to go to sleep.


To Bickerland?

That is what I need to creative visualize.

I need to visualize us happy, joking.

I am funny and witty and nothing bothers me. I am healthy and light.

Maybe we can get out of this place we are in...and go back to balancing our energies because we are so different.

Goodbye bickerland, hello happiness!