Friday, November 21, 2008

Back in the day when Melony visited, Wednesday

My very gorgeous and vivacious friend decided to come visit me starting Wednesday November 12 to Wednesday November 19, 2008. Boy did we have fun!

My husband did sort of FREAK OUT on me because I wanted to spend half of the time alone with Melony at the hotel, the other half with my family and her together. We had tons and tons of catching up to do. Back in Portland we used to go to lunch every week. We'd go to the local old-fashioned pizza parlor and let the kids run around every Tuesday and gossip, laugh, and catch up. Then I Mexico

She is the first and only friend that has been able to come visit me. I say "been able to" because it is a considerable expense, but she got a great all-inclusive deal at a resort for the price of somewhere around 100 dollars a night plus airfare. Here is how the week went:


Picked her up at the Airport. Her room was fantastic, directly on the beach, not just a view from a distance, you look down and you could see the beach below and hear the splashing of the waves very loud. So we put on our bathing suits and went to the pool and hung out and had a few drinks. Then we walked in the sand back to her room and stopped and chatted at one of the Palapa's. It was around 11pm when I got home, but we only picked her up at 4pm so it seemed short.


I woke up, did laundry, and chores around the house, tried to go to the Dr. with e and the Kids but the Dr. wasn't there yet so I got over to the hotel around 10:15 am. We had planned that she would attend a time-share presentation in order to get some tickets free for day trips. So I told her I'd go along for morale support.............. uh ohhhh................. They started serving us drinks in the morning. It's a long story but they tried to get out of giving us the gifts after she said she wasn't interested and by the time 12:15 pm came we were seriously buzzed and talked them into giving us the gifts anyway.

So we were running around from her room to the pool and talking to the vendors on the beach. Somewhere in the early evening my husband was calling me and he got a hold of us in her room. All I remember is that he was saying I had to leave now, and that he was outside waiting for me, and I said, "NO! Stop calling me, we have reservations for dinner at the Sushi place."

Anyway, since the kids were sick and went to the Doctor, I still don't understand why he was running around on the beach with them. I think he was jealous I was partying and he was with the kids. But at the time I thought, SO WHAT. I hadn't been able to spend time with my friends for over a year and a 1/2 (except for a short trip with my daughter last February). After our Yummmy yummy sushi and stir fry, I was so surprised it was so good, we were saw like 5 different sets of fireworks. Every night the Pirate ship does fireworks, and then also when people have weddings they do fireworks, so if you are on the beach at night, you get a show as good as most 4th of July's in the States.

Anyway, we had a blast running around all-day and drinking and I got home at 11pm to a furious husband, who wouldn't speak to me.

For some reason I wasn't really sick from all the drinking. But at the same time I was very tired and didn't want to drink, so I could feel good for the boat trip on Saturday. I invited Enrique to come to the Hotel with the kids and me and we could hang out all day. He was angry and refused. And even said he wouldn't go on the (now free) cruise on Saturday, and the Jungle trip on Monday. The kids played on the very large jungle gym, like what is standard now in parks in the US, but they don't have those here (thats a whole other story).... And then we spent time on the beach. Since the kids were sick, I didn't take them in the pool. Melony got the front of her hair done in those tiny braids. Enrique texted me and told me he was sorry and that he over reacted, so everything was ok again. In the evening we went back to my house and I showed her my cute little house. Then she borrowed my internet phone and ended up going back around 9:30pm. To her dismay, because she wanted to Party.

Saturday: (Note - I didn't get good pictures of the waterfall, because the batteries died on the camera!)

This day was amazing. We started the day cruise at 10am which included breakfast, lunch, snorkeling, beach adventure and drinks. They didn't start serving drinks till around 12pm but made up for it later.

When we stopped at the first beach we rode horses up the amazing waterfall. That was crazy. You walk up to the horse guy, he says here is your horse, you get on and the horse starts walking, who needs time to get to KNOW YOUR HORSE... RIGHT? And, of course... my horse was the wild one. And I was holding my daughter on the front of the saddle. At first when he walked he didn't want to keep up with Enrique and Melony and then after I nudged him a bit he didn't want to walk slowly. It scared the you-know-what out of me when he started to gallop up this path that was full of rocks and quite steep my foot fell out of the stir-up and I was scared my daughter and I would fall off. But finally I got control of him, got my foot back in.

I got the biggest jolt of adrenalin I've had in years. It sobered me up for the rest of the day. I kept drinking and never got drunk all day long.

At the falls you park your horses and then walk up a small trail where there are rustic restaurants and several views of the waterfall. Then you can get in the water and swim right up to it. Melony was already over by the waterfall and I was swimming across the deep part, and then.... there is this guy out there supposedly to help people... if the current gets too swift. Well the current was a little swift but the only problem I had was that the FREAKIN ROPE for his life saving device got wrapped around my FREAKIN NECK and I was treading water and trying to get it off at the same time. I swallowed a tiny bit of water and started coughing.. Other than that, no problem.

When we headed back down, I switched horses with my husband so I didn't have to tame that wild thing... and then Melony's horse decided to take a run. Unfortunately for my husband he was very confident on the horses and never got that adrenalin jolt, that both Melony and I got. Unfortunately, this resulted in him getting blubbering drunk, and even passing out on the drive back from the hotel to the house, a total of 5 minutes. It was bad, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Sunday: Note: I have THE AWESOMEST video of us at Sr. Frogs, but at 58mb I can't get it to upload to this site, or Youtube. I'm going to keep trying and I'll post it in a later blog. The video is of Melony doing a tequila shot hanging upside down and then being spun around 2 times. It looks so Awesome.

This day I was feeling fine, I got up and did some running around, then headed over to Melony's hotel around 1pm or so. Went in the pool a bit with the kids. We really didn't intend to go in the pool since the kids had been sick, but once they just sort of jumped in...we did too, in our normal shorts and shirts, Melony with her 7 different bathing suits sort of raised an eyebrow.. but.."Whattayado?". Later on we went to "The Malecon" and it was ridiculously crowded, more than normal. We saw statue guy and the clown then finally ending up going to Sr. Frogs. Melony decided to be the first person to do this stunt to get the free shot of tequila. And I can't wait till I get it uploaded because you want to see this it is quite a sight


Husband still fussy, I was not feeling too well. Melony was still a little pifft that I made her leave Sr. Frogs after she made her new 15 minute friends with some ladies from Canada, and then I was ready to take them So that night on Monday she met some people at the hotel and she scheduled her own going out to the bars.... I stayed with her and had dinner with her and my daughter at the SUSHI place again. Then we helped her pick out her cutest outfit, and then got home about 10pm.

But hey as for the night before and the ladies from Canada... don't get in MY Face trying to act like I'M WRONG TO PROTECT HER, when you just met her... right?


The day started out TERRIBLY, E and I had a huge fight. (really bad one) But finally he realized he was being ridiculous and said I could go.

I got over there in the morning so we could do the morning water aerobics she was doing everyday. And believe it or not, she was out partying all night and STILL got up and did the workout.

We spent a quiet day just her and I and some drinks but not too much. We had another horseback ride planned, that she negotiated $25 for 2 horses, for 45 minutes. Great deal huh? So we did that see the pics

And then I got a call from my hubby saying he got a babysitter and wanted to go out with us. So we did. We went out.

Melony and I were both not planning to go out to the clubs, but he wanted to, so we did. I didn't even get a chance to dress up. It was good we went out though because I miss that side of E. He is really cute when we go dancing.

I just couldn't stand the music they had at first at the Hilo. It's a cool club, the dance floor lights up and they have these gigantic statues inside, like 75 feet tall.. but I'm not into the 70's and 80's music they were playing. Good thing was she loves that. I'm more into 90's and newer music when I go to the club. I love hip hop and rap, some rock, and raegaeton... We got everyone home around 1:30am


Time to wind down and take her to the airport. This week did so much, we never did do the jungle tour, but it's ok, I've already been up to where the movie "The Predator" was filmed. It really did go fast, but we did so much it was fantastic.

Now I'm still recovering and it's Friday.