Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost forgot where I am.. Oh yeah.. I'm in Mexico

This article was originally written November 2007,

We've been in Puerto Vallarta for about 5 1/2 months, Mexico 7 months. Puerto Vallarta is a very modern city compared to where my in laws live. My in-laws live on a ranch near Albaro Obregon, Michoacan around 8-9 hours from here, depending on traffic. Not what Americans picture as a ranch. But El Rancho is basically when people have their farm animals at their home. Doesn't matter what size of property you have, such as in the US, when you think of a Ranch, (atleast in my mind) it is a large property, fields, cows, and horses. But here it can be a small house where they have only a few livestock.

Here in Puerto Vallarta it is very modern so I don't think about it much while I am here. With all the modern convenciences that are here like:

-Pizza Hut and Dominos
-Hooters (2)
-Starbucks (3)
-Outback Steakhouse
-Office Depot
-Office Max
-Burger King (2 or 3)
-McDonalds (2 or 3)
-Mail box plus
-Carls Jr. (2)
-Subway (3 or more)
-Home Depot (in construction)

Well you get the point..

There are more. Anyway, with all of the modern American stores around sometimes I just lose the awareness that we are in Mexico.

Until - I see a chicken.

Which is a farely common sight, to see a chicken wandering around.

The other day I was pulling up to the VW dealership and there was just a chicken hanging out pretty close to the road. I thought.. oh yeah.. I'm in Mexico.