Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The blessing on the wedding shoe

I just got reminded of a funny story.

I married my husband in  2001. I wore that white dress and  some white slip on high heels.

After the wedding and the wedding party I occasionally wore my heels and one day I turned over one of my shoes and noticed that a gold cross was on the bottom of my shoe. I took it as a blessing from god on my marriage and rather superstitiously left it exactly where I found it and still continued to wear my shoes occasionally.  I felt like it was just a happy coincidence.

So time went on and several years went by, it must have been 2006 and I was having a family get together at my home.  That day I decided to wear my wedding shoes.  And for some reason something inspired me to tell the story of the cross to my sister in law and show her my shoe.

Guess what...?  It turned out that cross was actually my brother in laws earring he had lost some time before, most likely at a family party when I was wearing my shoes.

I had never even realized it was an earring. So sheepishly, I pulled it out and gave it back to them.

Regardless of the circumstances, it was amazing that the universe orchestrated my brother in law to lose his earring and I stepped on it without feeling anything.....

Thank you god.
It was my blessing.

God bless,
Puerto Vallarta Girl in Portland

Saturday, September 11, 2010

words of encouragement from mary manin morressey

If you don't know I get these emails from Mary Manin Morressey everyday that are inspirational or encouragement. I have been so busy I haven't taken the time to digest them lately. Why do we do that? Why do we think we are too busy to stop for a moment and contemplate. Well, today I did take a moment and this is what todays message is... enjoy.

Hi PuertoVallartagirl,

Howard Thurmond, the mystic who taught at Morehouse College , wrote about winds and how winds move through a person’s life. They shake some things loose and maybe even turn some things upside down. It shakes off what’s really loose that needs to be shaken around, and brings with it also a fresh breath, a fresh air.

If there has been some wind in your life or it feels like some things are a little upside down, pause for a moment and remember what the mystic says about wind.

If some things have been knocked down or turned over, it’s okay. Within and around that, you will find some sprouting. You will find some fresh green edges of what is trying to emerge.

It’s just some wind. If you have to pick some things back up, go ahead -- Then notice how fresh, clean and clear everything is.

Enjoy The Wind,


Friday, September 3, 2010

Rolling into finals and surgery - law of attaction, positivity and your health

10 PERCENT CHANCE of cancer is alot more than none.   I have to get my 1/2 of my thyroid removed. I'll have 3 weeks off from classes and I'm starting out my break with a anesthesia. Which is going to be a hell of alot better than the test that got me there. so don't read on if you don't like needles....

So Yes needles come into play here. about 1 month ago I had to go in for the initial biopsy. You see when you have a tumor on your thyroid (which is very common I guess) the way to check to see if it might be cancerous is to actually numb up your neck like how the dentist does and then stick a long needle into the middle of your neck and then in to the middle of the tumor and actually pull cells from the tumor through the needle. 

Sound awful?  when I was done getting 3 biopsies form 3 tumors I felt like I had been raped and I really wondered.."how could I came actually do this voluntarily?" The experiences was disgusting.  I have a friend that had the surgery and she said the surgery part is much easier because they give you good drugs. That I am ok with. 

And you may know that I had a stroke in May and that they found out I've had 5 (I think I've had a few more since then - but minor) ............

Here is the thing.... I really feel like I am very sucessful with finding the good in everything  ( minus my pessimistic post before this) but the one thing I have yet to master is applying all my theories and belief systems to my health. I've talked to several people and not many people are successful at it so please if you know how to over come this, lets talk about it here? 

Please comment or even email me if you have some research or opinion or even a hypothesis on this, you've read an article what ever you know.    How can I overcome my health issues with positivity and creative visualization, and/or prayer. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

a fleeting pessimistic moment - in a poem

Expressionless  sitting staring at the glass window with no view
waiting. thinking about the youth with their eager puppy love
and feeling regretfully pessimistic thinking how one day
that will all lead to arguments about: parenting, money, or sex.
It is sad how a love can get so jumbled up after 12 years
and that new feeling has been gone forever it seems
but it brings a different understanding and love
one that trumps the failings
we both know how everything stands and still hope it
will change and get better - never lose hope I say!
Miracles Happen.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New York Times post - The Frugal Traveler

Someone just posted this on Facebook - the video is exactly like my Mother in Laws house.

The Frugal Traveler Hidden Mexico

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Striving for a dream - ball and chain and dragging everyone to the finish line- perseverance!

Sometimes life's difficulties combined with a dream are what make you come alive. I spent 2 years in varying degrees of poverty and riches in mexico. I lived that tropical dream for a bit with water falls and daily cruises. I drank Margaritas in the pool of resorts. I quit my corporate job. I followed my dreams. I've birthed children. Now my dreams are sustaining. I have some new health complications - as if I didn't have enough stress with immigration problems and the stroke in may. I will have to get 1/2 of my thyroid out because it might be cancerous. Not good news. But for me it is all the more reason to go for my dreams.

On Tuesday one of my exceptional teachers - who produced little people by the way -

At my school we are taught by real industry professionals - AI is VERY EXPENSIVE but we get real world knowledge.

Anyway, I'm running off subject. So this very nice teacher was saying take time for myself and take it easy. And I said... "no I'm not taking time off of school, I'm 39, if I give up college, I give up my dreams, and if I give up my dreams I give up my will to live."

I think some people push really hard for their dreams when they are faced with these challenges. Sometimes if your life is consistently pretty good, nothing pushes you to be your very best.

I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for everything. I love my life. And I still see my future 2 1/2 million dollar house on the cliff in Santa Barbara, it is completely designed. And now I am wondering why do I need the shag white carpet in the glass screening room. I mean... do I really need that room. No children or food are allowed in that room. but its there.

god bless - god bless everyone who makes lemonade out of lemons. !!!

PS - the other day - Bob a big meanie that likes to spread misery around gave me a huge compliment - he said "Life isn't all peaches and cream... get real you snot nosed happy person... (and) go to hell you happy bitch)

I've decided to incorporate those sayings into my blog.

I think I might even change my name on here to incorporate it.

for now PV girl in Portland

Motion Graphics class - Visual Music Project #4

This is an assignment for Motion Graphics class using the Program After effects

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last night was our teams premier

Last night was the screening of the 48 hour film festivals Portland "C"Team. Luckily to a few serendipitous circumstances everything came up fantastic. I've had a few talks with the director and we are all brand new. Our film was not the best, nor the worst. And all 3 of us feel very official now. We are officially filmakers!

Now the next step is we are all going to edit our own version then we will screen together. I will post here.

Loving Life
PV Girl in portland

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Did I ever tell you how one time a really big girl beat me up because of my optimism

 i JUST Texted this TO SOMEONE:  "Did I ever tell you how one time a really big girl beat me up because of my optimism"  

 that sounds so unbelievable. but Its a true story.  Back in 1997 I was hanging out with some neighbors by my town house (a rental) - and a girl got her car towed. I went and talked to the tow truck driver and I tried to get him to un hook the car.  But it was one of those opportunistic tow trucks trying to make extra money. it was totally un necessary.  Anyway, So I was trying to console the girl and make her feel better. I spent alot of time talking about how sometimes when something bad happens it is really an opportunity of some kind. Just usually you don't know until later what the opportunity was.  She got really irritated and started yelling and insulting me -  and I told her she should leave. She came after me violently and tried to punch me and ended up falling on me and I got 2 bruised ribs. 

a similar problem happened to me last weekend. It was the 48 hour film 

This contest should really be called - the 48 hour crash course in how to make a movie.  It was amazing. and terrible.

The director and I had been brainstorming on preparations for weeks before hand. I had been out buying costumes at the thrift store. And we scouted locations for a few hours and drove all over town.  I vowed to be a dedicated Assistant Director. And so the anticipation grew as we got closer.  We were trying to think of every possible genre. But with all that anticipation it turned out -  the genre we actually got had never crossed my  mind. We got "Film Noir" and I didn't even know what it was.....  I know what Dick Tracy kind of films are but I did not realize that was its own genre.  

The contest criteria was:  We had to have a character named Pete Peterson or Pam Peterson, you had to have Pistachios in the movie. And the last thing was you had to have a character saying "I have a surprise for you!"

So you get your criteria and then you have 48 hours to make a movie.

We got back to our home base starting point and us 3 girls sat down and brain stormed a story. It was the Director, Me- the Assistant Director, and the Producer. we outlined the story for several hours and then it was 12:15am when we finished and I said I have to go home and sleep. 

6:30 am I woke up and went shopping for food for the shoot. I knew everyone would get hungry, its like cramming for an exam.  You work and work and if you don't have food handy you starve.  So I bought drinks ice, a cooler, all kinds of stuff, sandwiches, I bought the pistachios, hummus, fruit.  I get over to our home base at like 8:45 or so.  And Still the other crew weren't there. 

We shot all day and ended up going to 8 locations

In the last location we all got a 2nd wind and we finished up with some really well acted and creatively lit scenes.  Then we all decided to get a good nights sleep and meet at 10 am the next day to edit. 

First off, the director and I were on time. I mean I was driving so yea!.  And then other people start showing up. I was in good spirits, sort of adrenalin, and calm zen mode, just like the day the girl beat me up.  But then things started falling apart.  We all got confused which tape had the footage from the night before and we couldn't figure out why it wasn't on a certain tape.  we freaked. I had a sense that there was something obvious going on and I said so. I thought it was something obvious we could figure out. The director really got stressed and sorta flipped. She yelled at me several times (very un like her) and sorta took out her frustrations on me. I somehow didn't even get pissed off (except one time) and stayed calm. I was there to the very end.  

But after I left the adrenaline wore off and It actually took me about 20 hours to feel better. She actually did admit she was being mean and she did apologize. But thats really a hard position to be in.  

time will tell. and again I have to walk the walk right? faith. I know I  everything will get better between us.